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Innovating Concepts, Commercializing Solutions

Dedicated to deep-tech innovation in engineering and science from conceptualization to commercialization

Synergos is dedicated to its strategic mission of advancing conscious capitalism in society. Investing in innovative ideas to usher in an era of prosperity for all of humanity, Synergos is committed to utilizing investments in an innovative framework that ensure long term success for all stakeholders.

Baseload Manufacturing 

Building on a strong foundation of investments in next-gen technologies the development of the baseload manufacturing is the key to our future success and a better tomorrow

Energy Security

With the decarbonization of our economy and the demand for sustainable forms of energy at an all time high, making smart investments in the energy infrastructure is not only  critical to our sustainable development but smart and highly effective in fostering long term outcomes for all groups of stakeholders 

Energy Transition Materials

With baseload manufacturing all but absent from our local economy, investments in the development of eco friendly and humanistic baseload capabilities provide us with a chance to develop a sustainable and economically friendly energy transition.

Next-Gen Aggriculture

With the demand for food at an all time high, next-gen innovation in how we produce food is integral to  evolve better practices for future generations and the development of sustainable outcomes that provide a pathway to feed the world

Unprecedented vision. Impeccable Record.

The lack of secure supply chains in the western hemisphere is having disruptive effects on the U.S. economy. Investing in homegrown supply chains that holistically revolve around food, energy, materials and baseload manufacturing is crucial to a healthy and thriving economy.

With the aim of being an venture fund hybrid  that constantly expands its network of investors, venture capitalists, and corporate partners, Synergos is focused on a vision that offers security and prosperity.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Successful Bootstraps

Jonathan Destler, CA

CEO, Opti Harvest

"I am always surprised with the capabilities of the Synergos Holdings team and what they bring to the table"

Mordi Gutnick, NY

Founder, USA Rare Earth

"There are few who understand supply chain project development like the folks at Synergos Holdings"

Mark Emelfarb, FL

CEO, Dyadic International

"Synergos Holdings has been professional and able to open the doors that we needed to get the job done"

Our Ventures

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From concept development through our venture studio to strategic late stage investments in our classic venture fund, Synergos is focused on ensuring that innovative ideas are able to make the most of the technical and financial opportunities that are available to them.

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