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Our Vision

To develop and commercialize cutting-edge American technologies, that can usher in a vision of security and prosperity for all humanity.

Our Mission

From concept development in our venture studio to strategic dynamic investments and portfolio management, Synergos seeks to usher in the next industrial revolution by cultivating the greatest minds to achieving ultimate success

with a multi tiered investment strategy that focuses on pre seed rounds that support conceptual development to strategic later stage funding and investment,  ensuring commercialization, Synergos is pushing the envelope on cutting-edge American development.

Employing American ingenuity and expertise to build prosperity for future generations, Synergos has set for itself a strategic mission of strengthening garnering international investment in patriotic and stakeholder-conscious capitalism. Constantly striving to constantly expand its global network of corporate developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and partners; Synergos is synergizing opportunities for better economic outcomes for stakeholders around the globe.

America stands as a testament to unparalleled achievements, from pioneering the microchip to the historic moon landing. At Synergos Holdings, we believe in reigniting the flame of American innovation, ushering in a new era of groundbreaking accomplishments.

Founded by visionaries Rabbi Yechezkel and Yehudah Moskowitz, Synergos Holdings is more than just a venture fund; it is a driving force behind the realization of exceptional projects and ideas that embody the spirit of American ingenuity.


Our mission is to be the catalyst for transformative ventures that will shape the future of industries and redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Purpose

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