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The Second Nuclear Era

CURIO is revolutionizing the nuclear industry by closing the fuel cycle with NuCycle. Imagine a future where the USA leads global decarbonization through the production of proliferation-hardened plutonium-fueled reactors and molten salt reactors.

Every year, 2,000 metric tons accumulate in American spent nuclear fuel—today, over 90,000 metric tons of "waste" hold the equivalent energy capacity of 1% of global natural gas reserves. This isn't just waste; it's untapped power. With recycling and mixed spectrum fast reactor breeding, CURIO is poised to unleash UNLIMITED energy.

An advanced 1GWe reactor, operating at 90% capacity, generates 7.88 billion kWh of electricity annually. Combine that with process heat and next-gen applications, and the future of nuclear energy shines brilliantly.

CURIO tackles the nuclear sector's biggest challenges head-on with innovative solutions. Through NuCycle, we're not just maintaining current nuclear infrastructure but actively enhancing it, ensuring reactors run smoothly and efficiently. The future of nuclear energy is here, and it's glowing with promise.

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