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Welcome to a New Age of  Deep Tech Acceleration and Venture Capital investing

What we do

The Synergos Accelerator

The Synergos Accelerator was built as a hybrid concept, cultivating the best ideas the United States has to offer and bringing them to commercialization. From concept to late stage development, Synergos guides startups, private ventures, and public companies throughout their development process.

The Synergos Fund (TBA)

As part of its mission to develop and accelerate innovation across the globe, the Synergos Fund is an independent venture capital fund focused on early medium and late-stage investments in stakeholder-conscious capitalism.

Synergos International

Synergos International serves as the global business development at of Synergos Holdings.  Investing and managing international projects that secure free and sustainable supply chains and long term energy security interests


With tried-and-true experience and networks in its arsenal, Synergos Holdings continues to apply meticulous strategies that offer best outcomes for all stakeholders. With the aim of maximizing every idea in its commercial development process, synergizing ventures into reality is the Synergos way

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