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Our Vision

To develop and commercialize cutting-edge American technologies, that can usher in a vision of security and prosperity for all humanity.

Our Mission

From acceleration and investment to dynamic strategy development and portfolio management, Synergos seeks to opens doors to assist the greatest minds in achieving their ultimate success

From early stage conceptual development to late stage investment and commercialization, Synergos is pushing the envelope on cutting-edge American projects.

Employing American ingenuity and expertise to build prosperity for future generations. Synergos has set for itself a strategic mission of strengthening international investment in Patriotic and Stakeholder-conscious capitalism. Constantly striving to constantly expand its global network of corporate developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and partners; Synergos is synergizing opportunities for better economic outcomes for all stakeholders around the world.

America really is an exceptional place, with a set of unique achievements. From assembling the microchip to landing on the moon, America is where the future was once made!

With a burning desire to bring American innovation to the fore once more, Rabbi Yechezkel and Yehudah Moskowitz conceptualized Synergos Holdings as a vehicle for the realization of unique projects and ideas that exemplify American innovation and know-how.

Specializes in supporting entrepreneurs, and innovators that want to change the world. Synergos provides a home to accelerate the most promising visions of the future.

Our Purpose

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