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Connecting Dots

Venture Investments

Synergos focuses on venture investments by developing and commercializing advanced American technologies. We deploy capital in companies showcasing ingenuity and expertise to foster prosperity for future generations. Aligned with the founders' vision, we prioritize societal conscious capitalism, ensuring investments deliver stakeholder-conscious outcomes. Synergos aims to expand its portfolio in a circular framework, creating holistic value for all stakeholders.

$1.25 Million



USA Rare Earth owns 80% of the Round Top deposit in West Texas, abundant in heavy rare earths, lithium, and critical minerals. They're developing the USA's first rare earth processing facility and own the only scalable neo-magnet manufacturing system in the Western Hemisphere, crucial for green tech, electric vehicles, and defense industries.

$1.75 Million

Opti Harvest

Opti-Harvest is an agricultural innovation company specializing in climate-smart products. Our patented Opti-Filter™ lines, crafted from recyclable HDPE, optimize sunlight usage for high-value crops, enhancing yield and water efficiency. Developed by Ph.D. scientists with extensive field feedback, our solutions aim to maximize production, reduce labor costs, and minimize environmental impact for commercial growers.

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